A black image for a really depressing quote.

Imagine being a young woman (and perhaps some of you have had similar experiences) plunged into surgical menopause and stuck on a stupidly low dose of replacement hormones. You return to see your doctor desperately looking for help with your crushing symptoms so that you can operate normally again and care for your family and do your job. As you sit in front of the person you have all your hopes pinned on they tell you they have no idea how to help you and say you should have antidepressants even though you know that’s not what you need.

Last week I spoke to woman who had experienced exactly this, the quote in the image are the words her doctor said. My client went on tell me that her doctor has since admitted that they had never heard of a menopause specialist.

I hear about poor care for menopause everyday but this made me so angry and if you have a daughter, mother, grandmother, sister, niece, girlfriend, wife, friend, trans man or anybody else in your life who could potentially experience menopause you should be angry too. Women are being failed time and time again and whilst there are many of us who care and work everyday to try to improve things the whole nation should be angry because everyone will know somebody who will go through this.

In the coming weeks I will be posting to suggest how you can help what has become #themenopausemovement to #makemenopausematter but if you have any ideas or great contacts that could help us move this up the agenda please comment on our Facebook page.