March 5, 2018


Why does menopause matter in the workplace?

Every woman will experience menopause and approximately 1 in 4 will experience debilitating symptoms.

There are around 4.9 million women aged 50 and over in employment in the U.K and it is the fastest growing demographic.

Studies have shown that menopause symptoms can have a significant impact on attendance and performance in the workplace.

The 2016 Wellbeing of Women survey revealed that 25% of women going through the menopause had considered leaving work because of their experiences.

Two thirds of women going through the menopause say they have no support in place at work.

Quite simply menopause awareness and support in the workplace is a win-win situation for both employers and employees. Menopause education, information and support can be game changers for staff satisfaction and retention and creating a supportive and informed menopause culture within your organisation.

In a recent IPSOS Mori poll:

  • Over half of working women aged 40-65 have experienced three or more symptoms of the menopause, including hot flushes (47%), night sweats (41%) and feeling tired (35%).
  • Two thirds of those with 3 or more symptoms have lost interest in their work or made mistakes.
  • Half of all women experiencing three or more symptoms have experienced at least one further detrimental impact on their working lives; including having their relationships with colleagues negatively impacted, having to reduce their working hours or considering resigning.
  • Only around 1 in every 20 women aged 40-65 in work are aware of their employer offering proactive policies or support to women around the menopause.
  • Six in 10 of those who have experienced 3 or more symptoms would like to see their employer do more while over half say they would feel more positively about a company who had a menopause awareness programme.
  • Over a third would like their employers to offer access to specialist menopause advice from a third-party expert, 31% would like their employer to offer a menopause policy.
  • Everybody needs to be better equipped to support their colleagues around the menopause 
  • Nearly half (48%) of women experiencing 3 or more symptoms of menopause have not spoken to anyone at work about their experiences.

 Why choose Menopause Support?

Webinars and presentations are hosted by Diane Danzebrink, the founder of Menopause Support.

Menopause Support is a purpose over profit, community interest organisation, so when you engage us to deliver your training you will be supporting our aims to improve menopause education, information, advice and support for everybody.

We offer educational menopause awareness presentations, webinars and training to ensure that all the members of your team have a thorough understanding of menopause whether it will affect them personally or they may be supporting a colleague, partner, friend or family member.

Educational presentations, webinars and training sessions can be made bespoke for your organisation and your proposed audience. Popular options include;

Understanding Menopause Introductory Session

Understanding Menopause in Detail

Menopause – Question and Answer Session 

Understanding Menopause and Mental Health 

Understanding Menopause for Line Managers

Understanding Menopause for Men

We also offer Private 1 to 1 consultations – this option can be offered to individual staff members as additional support, further information can be found here

For further information contact

Kind words from some of our clients:

Thank you so much for this session. We got so much out of it and had a great discussion together afterwards   I thought it was informative, and I loved Diane’s delivery.

I had a 121 with Diane, which I found so useful, and I’m grateful to have had this opportunity to chat with her.

 The session and my 121 with Diane were invaluable. Her guidance was way more than I have ever received from a GP.

This was the best session we have ever put on.

The feedback from colleagues was very positive. Staff found the webinar very informative. Diane ‘normalised’ the menopause which staff really related to and we found Diane a very warm and approachable person.

I just wanted to say thank you for sorting the meeting with Diane yesterday. She is brilliant.

A really helpful, practical and upbeat insight into what menopause really means and how we can help to improve our quality of life when going through it.

Today’s session was nothing short of life-changing.

The last session was excellent. Glad to see one aimed specifically for managers who may not know anything about it or how hard it can affect some women.

Absolutely the best session run to date. Have sent her website to a number of friends who are suffering. Wish they could hear her speak too.

It was a really worthwhile and informative session. Excellent choice, thank you very much.