How to find your nearest menopause specialist clinic

I am regularly told by women who have had cancer or who have complex medical histories that their GPs have told them that they can’t have HRT or any treatment for their menopause symptoms.

Whilst it’s true that there are some instances where HRT would not be the immediate first line treatment if a GP feels that they can’t prescribe for any reason then that woman should be referred to a menopause specialist, not just sent on her way and told to try an over the counter remedy.

I regularly speak to women and subsequently write to doctors who go on to say that they have never heard of menopause specialists when I ask them to refer their patients. GPs cannot be expected to manage complex cases, but NICE guidance is clear that they should refer.

If you or somebody you know has been refused treatment you can find your nearest NHS menopause clinic by going to the British Menopause Society website. There are not nearly enough clinics and you may have to travel, too but they are there. When searching make sure you tick the NHS box as your GP can’t refer you to private clinics.

I hope that helps somebody today.