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I am available to work with you, either on a personal basis or through a workshop, but I do regret that I can’t undertake to give a personal response to every question I’m asked, either via this website or on social media.

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Meet the team

Diane has recently been joined on her mission to #MakeMenopauseMatter by Andrea Swan and Stephanie Kershaw-Marsh who are both passionate about improving menopause care and support.

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Founder Diane Danzebrink publishes regular video blogs about all aspects of menopause – click here to see her in conversation with both professional and patient experts.

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Approximately 13 million women in the U.K are either peri- or post menopausal. Symptoms can last up to 15 years. Over 60% of women experience symptoms resulting in behaviour changes. 1 in 4 women will experience severe debilitating symptoms. Read more of the facts here.

Three Campaign Aims:

One achieved: Two to Go!
Too many women are suffering in silence

To significantly improve menopause education amongst GP’s – far too many women are suffering as GP’s receive very little, if any menopause education during their training leaving them ill equipped to recognise and manage a phase of life that will directly affect at least 50% of the population.

To raise awareness within the workplace and for all employers to have menopause guidelines in place to be able to support women experiencing symptoms. Too many women feel unsupported at work and currently 1 in 10 leave the workplace due to menopause symptoms.

Already achieved: To introduce menopause education in to the PSHE curriculum for all teenage boys and girls. Every woman and man deserves to understand this phase of life. Far too many individuals and relationships suffer as a result of a lack of understanding of menopause.

  • More than 60% of women experience menopausal symptoms

  • Approximately 38 per cent of women seek help from a GP

  • One quarter of those who visited a GP say the possibility of the symptoms being menopause related is missed

  • One third of women who visited a GP were not made aware of hormone replacement therapy (HRT)

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