July 6, 2020


Menopause Support (menopausesupport.co.uk) is now registered as a Not For Profit Community Interest Company.

Now  we need your help.

Menopause Support has launched a £90,000 fundraising appeal to allow us to make our ‘Understanding Menopause’ booklet available to people across the UK – We need your help.

We have always believed that there is a critical need for a quality, freely available guide to help everyone navigate menopause, and our #makemenopausematter campaign has been calling for a Government funded, public health campaign for more than five years.

Last year Menopause Support founder Diane Danzebrink decided we could no longer wait for the Government to take action and took matters into her own hands. In July 2023 we published our 44-page booklet: ‘Understanding Menopause – your essential guide to navigating menopause successfully’. Written by Diane and her small team, reviewed by four menopause specialist clinicians, and adopted by the British Menopause Society, the free booklet is available for anyone to access via PDF. It includes an explanation on what menopause actually is, a symptom checker, information on treatment options, and vital guidance on how to prepare for a GP appointment.

In just four months, 100,000 copies of the Understanding Menopause booklet were requested and sent out free to locations around the UK including GP practices, NHS Trusts, community projects and employers.

In 2024 our aim is to produce and distribute a further 250,000 printed copies of Understanding Menopause so that we can change the lives of thousands of those experiencing menopause and those that know them.

Menopause Support will always provide free and affordable resources on menopause. We don’t believe that you should have to pay a private consultant or sign up to an expensive programme to access information for a stage of life that directly impacts almost 50% of the population and those that care about them.

But this is the time we are asking for YOUR help. For the cost of a cappuccino, you could provide ten women with a copy of a booklet that will help them navigate one of the most challenging periods in their life.

If you are able to help please visit the GoFundMe page and donate what you can, then copy the link to the fundraising page and share it with your friends, family and colleagues too.

If you are part of a large organisation that would like to support our work or know of funding opportunities that could help us achieve this ambitious goal please get in touch hello@menopausesupport.co.uk

Thank you

If you have ever received any help, support or information via this website or via  our group please consider contributing whatever you can. Your support will help us  to ensure better education, information and support for the future.

This is  just the beginning, but we  need your help. Please help us ensure that we are the generation to  #MakeMenopauseMatter

You can make a donation directly using the Paypal button below. Thank you for your help.