December 3, 2020


Read or download our new guidance booklet 

Menopause Support has launched a new guidance booklet “Understanding Menopause” to support women to better understand and navigate Menopause.

The new guidance booklet, reviewed by expert clinicians, includes a much-needed symptom checker to support women to understand the breadth of potential menopause symptoms and when to reach out for support.

Could it be Menopause? Posters

We’re absolutely thrilled to introduce our new’ Could it be menopause?’ information posters, and would love you to share them on your social media,  print them and put them up anywhere that will allow you to; workplaces, community spaces, gyms, hairdressers, shops, waiting rooms, the possibilities are endless!

Cycle of Change – a short animated film about understanding menopause

I am delighted to share the short animated menopause film that I have been working on with the team at ForMed films and menopause specialist Hazel Hayden.

Menopause and GSM Symptom checkers

Try our menopause symptom checker, learn more about GSM and get our help on how to approach your GP about your menopause symptoms


Check out our guides for partners, how to deal with your doctor and a variety of other relevant topics

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs about HRT and the menopause, Oestrogen and Progesterone


Our video blogs can be seen here

Licensed HRT Preparations

The following HRT preparations are available for prescription via the NHS as of 08 January 2024

Menopause and Work

We are grateful to Loch employment law for sharing their guides to Menopause in Employment for both Employers and Employees with us. We hope that you will find the information helpful.


The shocking disparity in menopause training in medical schools is laid bare in our recent survey following a Freedom of Information request

Joining the Patient Participation Group (PPG) at your GP practice

Request to join your PPG, there should be an option to do this on the practice website, if not, ask at reception. Most PPGs are looking for people to volunteer to join.


As some of you know I record a podcast with my lovely friend and fellow surgical menopause sister Sophie. The regular podcast –  “The Good, The Bad & The Downright Sweaty” – is available on Apple Podcasts or the Podbean app.

Template Letters

Have your say about ongoing HRT shortages and the recent announcement that the single fee for HRT will not now be in place until 2023 – share our letter or write your own with our template ⁄ Menopause Support has teamed up with Dr Zoe Hodson to see if we can collectively improve access to Testosterone for women via the NHS ⁄ Denied local oestrogen by your GP? Here are some template letters that could help you to make your views known.