MS is now a Community Interest Company!

I am delighted to announce that the passion project that started out of pure frustration and the desire to ensure things change in the world of menopause is now officially a community interest company.

If you have never heard of a CIC, it is similar to a charity meaning it can trade and fundraise with all profits going to the community interest – which in this case is menopause and women’s health.

Until now everything that has been created under the menopause support banner including this website, resources, group and campaign has been funded by me but it has become clear that I have no more hours in the day nor the funds to keep doing it on my own.

I am delighted to say that two of my amazing friends and passionate campaigners Jane Lewis and Andrea Swan have agreed to join me on the journey and we have lots of exciting plans for the future but we will need the help of the community and that includes you, so if you know of any pots of funding, however small, for women’s health projects or you have great contacts in politics, the not for profit sector, the media or anywhere else we would be delighted to hear from you. Find out more about us here.

If you have ideas for support and services you would like to see or be able to access or have great fundraising ideas or experience please do get in touch with those too at As a community, together, we can #makemenopausematter.