Died and imprisoned for the right to vote

Di Danzebrink posted this on social media as the UK went to the polls in the General Election a few days ago.

It is less than 100 years since the right to vote was granted to all women in 1928 yet in the last general election almost 15 million people (men and women) who had the right to vote didn’t use it.

Suffragettes campaigned, marched, went to prison, some were force fed and some died for women’s right to vote.

I started the #MakeMenopauseMatter campaign sitting at my computer one night, just me, no team, no meetings. Just over a year later we have over 90,000 signatures on the petition and have achieved the first of our aims by having menopause added to the national curriculum in England.

I have met some amazing passionate women and we are now campaigning together for the same cause. I will certainly be voting today because women of the past fought for me to do so. However you vote today raise your voice and urge you female friends and family to do the same in honour of those who fought to ensure that we had the right to do so.