Menopause workshop in Milton Keynes for Wellbeing Professionals

In February I will be teaching a one day workshop about menopause for wellbeing professionals. For details click 

This day has been designed for all wellbeing professionals, if you support women in any capacity in your work, this day is for you.

Menopause is so much more than hot flushes and night sweats, often still the butt of jokes and social stigma it has been poorly understood for far too long leaving many women to suffer in silence. The menopause transition can be a challenging experience for women as many don’t understand what is happening to them. This is where wellbeing professionals can play a key support role.

Wellbeing professionals are ideally placed to offer support and guidance through the menopause transition when they are able to recognise these hormonal shifts. Throughout the day we will share up to date factual, evidence based information and insight from both our professional and personal experiences in this area to help you recognise menopause and the potential impact on both mental and physical health and wellbeing.

The purpose of this one day training is to provide wellbeing professionals with an overview of the physical and psychological symptomology of the Menopause. Drawing on real women’s experiences to explore the complexity of menopause this workshop will equip you to support clients or colleagues experiencing menopause.

Subjects covered will include

1. What is menopause?

2. When menopause happens

3. Menopause symptoms

4. Managing menopause

5. The potential impact of menopause

6. Menopause and work

7. Menopause and relationships

8. Menopause and professional support

9. Menopause and beyond

10. Menopause and self care

Your ticket price will include tea, coffee, water and biscuits throughout the day. There are lots of places locally to buy some lunch.