Di’s out and about spreading the word on the Radio!

This week campaign founder Di Danzebrink been talking to lots of regional radio stations around the country about menopause.

We have had good news recently, of course, about the government’s decision to allow young people to be taught about menopause as part of the school curriculum. But the two other aims of the campaign are still very much in our sights, and in her radio tour Di has been emphasising how we need better education for GPs, and more information on the subject for women and men, especially in the workplace.

There are too many interviews to mention, but here’s an example, Tuesday’s chat to BBC Three Counties Radio. Di discusses both the current state of menopause knowledge and also the recent news story quoting certain doctors who claim to be able to delay menopause by 20 years- at a price. Click below to hear it.

On Wednesday, Di was on BBC Radio Five Live in the afternoon with presenter Nihal Arthanayake. You can hear their conversation by clicking on the link below.