Live menopause phone in on ITV’s This Morning programme

Campaign founder Diane Danzebrink was on the TV sofa again when she appeared with leading obstetrician and gynaecologist Anne Henderson on ITV’s This Morning hosted by Eamonn Holmes. See more and watch the interview here.

As well as discussing the symptoms of Menopause, Di and Anne took questions from viewers live on air.

Di said later: “Thank you for all your lovely messages and comments after yesterdays This Morning programme. The response has been overwhelming, there are 1,700 comments on the This Morning FB page post and its been viewed over 300k times! This just shows how big the issue of menopause care and support is and we are hoping to build on yesterdays programme by doing some more on this in the future.”

If you’d like to catch up on the programme you can see it here at 24 (interview)  & 54 (phone- in)minutes

In July Menopause Support campaign founder Di appeared on BBC’s Breakfast programme following the government decision to teach menopause as part of the curriculum in schools, one of the three main planks of Di’s campaign.