Have your say on HRT delays

If, like us, you have been left frustrated, disappointed and angry about the recent government announcement about the single fee for HRT not being implemented until April 2023 you may want to write to your MP, perhaps enclosing our summary sent to Maria Caulfield.

Here are some edited highlights of our letter, written by MS founder Diane Danzebrink:

“I am writing in response to your announcement last week that the single fee for HRT will not be implemented until April 2023. I was one of many women who gathered at Westminster last October to hear the government’s response to the proposal by Carolyn Harris MP that HRT be made free in England. There was much rejoicing both in Parliament square and on social media at your announcement that HRT would be subject to a single annual fee however, that joy has now turned to frustration, disappointment, and anger. Many, including myself, feel that this was used as an opportunity to grab the headlines that day without providing the vital details.

“I am sure that you are aware of the ongoing supply issues particularly for Oestrogel and Estradot patches. This has been going on for many months and women are losing sleep over not being able to access their HRT. It is important to remember that many of these women have had to fight to access HRT in the first place with many being forced into paying for private menopause care at one of the increasing numbers of private clinics. Many have resorted to paying expensive private fees by putting them on credit cards or borrowing from family. There are of course millions who could never consider private care so are left to suffer in silence, which in 2022 is a disgrace.

Having fought to get HRT the idea of having to chase around town to get the last bottle or packet is causing untold stress and anxiety. Worse is that some feel they have no option but to turn to online pharmacies charging around £30 for a single bottle of Oestrogel. What are the Department of Health and you as minister for patient safety and primary care and the co-chair of the much anticipated menopause task force doing to improve the situation for everybody?

Download the full letter as a PDF here and send it with your own covering note to your own local MP.

Many of you have said that you would love to write to your MP or Ministers in Westminster about the HRT shortages and the proposed single fee for HRT, now not being introduced until April 2023. #MakeMenopauseMatter campaign supporter, the lovely Fiona Clark has kindly written a template letter to get you started. We have made this available as a word document so that it can be altered to suit you.