Big in Japan…..

Well this is a day that I never thought I would see, my name connected with Vogue in any way.

Those who know me will be equally shocked as I couldn’t be less Vogue if I tried. I spend most of my life in jeans and sweatshirts and never wear make up, except to stop me looking shiny on TV.

What is important about this article is that it is helping to raise awareness of peri menopause and menopause so I was delighted when they asked to interview me following an interview that aired on Japanese TV.

You can read an AI translation on the Vogue Japan website, link below, it’s not completely accurate and I appear to have become he or him in most of it but hey, menopause and the #makemenopausematter campaign are featured in Japanese Vogue,  so huge thanks to the team there.

Link on the Vogue Japan website