Martin meets the Loose Women

Menopause Support founder Diane Danzebrink joined ITV’s Loose Women recently – and took her husband Martin along to talk about his strong support.

See the programme here

“Today I was on Loose Women talking about my experience of menopause. Nothing unusual there, as many of you know I have been raising awareness for better menopause care and support for several years.” Di told us.

“But today was different because Martin came with me as they wanted to hear about his experience of trying to support me when I was in a very dark place.

“I wished I could show you a picture of the poor mans face when I read out the email asking him to participate. It was a bit like this 😳 but despite putting him completely out of his comfort zone, he agreed to come with me if it would help raise awareness.

“So here is our interview. I hope it will help somebody, somewhere to have a better understanding of all the possible symptoms of menopause and put an end to so much needless suffering.

“Thanks Martin Danzebrink for the support you give me everyday that in turn helps me to support and campaign on behalf of so many others to improve things for the future ” she added.