Photographer Jenny tells of her “horrendous” menopause experience

Menopause Support founder Diane Danzebrink recently  took part in a project called 40 over 40, created by photographer Jenny Smith.

Jenny kindly published her pics and blog featuring Diane this week on International Womens Day. Read the blog here.

Diane discusses the campaign, busts some menopause myths and has some words of wisdom for those about to enter their menopausal years.

Says Jenny: “I spent a lovely morning with Diane, chatting about her wonderful business and the Make Menopause Matter campaign, which she spearheaded, and has helped to get the menopause on the political agenda. She’s an absolute powerhouse and I drove home feeling utterly inspired.  When I first had the idea to do the 40 OVER 40 project, I scribbled down a few key names that I wanted to feature and Diane was of course one of them.

“Whilst this project is celebrating incredible women from all walks of life who have done all kinds of wonderful things, menopause awareness is going to feature quite heavily and this is largely down to my own horrendous experience when the menopause hit.  I really want to do my own bit in raising awareness so that other women don’t suffer like I did (it’s also the reason for starting my podcast) and in this way Diane and I share the same goal. It’s just that she’s managed to do it on a national scale!

Pics courtesy Jenny Smith

As if that wasn’t reason enough to love her, she also rescues dogs and currently looks after two adorable Jack Russells by the names of Kevin (pictured left)  and Poppy.  I know it’s not nice to have favourites, but if there had been a way to sneak Kevin out in my bag then I would have done so.”