Please don’t suffer in silence, Di tells blog readers

Anyone who has experienced pre menstrual syndrome will be well aware of the emotional rollercoaster that fluctuating hormones can cause but many are simply not prepared for the variety and intensity of those symptoms which affect some women particularly during perimenopause, which is essentially the time from your first menopause symptom to the point where you have had twelve consecutive months with a period.

Guest-blogging on the intimate lubricant company YES website, Di says fluctuating hormones – and oestrogen in particular – can be responsible for anxiety, panic, feeling tense or nervous, feeling unhappy or depressed, irritability, poor concentration, plummeting self esteem and what some might describe as a loss of joy. The stress of not understanding what is happening can intensify all those feelings and the fear of admitting to any of them can make life feel very lonely indeed.

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