Keeping perspective in an uncertain world

It can be hard to retain a sense of perspective when things change and there is less certainty in the world, as we have seen over the past few weeks.

Parts of the press are less responsible than others in fuelling anxiety and fear, which leads to the scenes we have seen in supermarkets around the world recently.

For those who are experiencing the hormonal fluctuations of menopause anxiety is a very common symptom and this can make coping with everyday stresses very difficult and sometimes impossible.

My own anxiety and lack of perspective after my surgical menopause meant that I completely withdrew from everyday life and became too frightened to answer the phone or open post as I thought any news would be bad news. Add hormone induced anxiety to the current world situation and life can be very tough indeed. We become hijacked by the emotional part of the brain which can make us both irrational and reactive.

Getting the right help and support is key both in terms of hormones and emotional support but being able to take back a little control for ourselves just for a few minutes at a time can allow us to think more clearly.

One of the first things that I teach my clients is the power of breathing well, we have to breathe so we might as well use the power of breathing to help us calm down and engage with the rational brain.

I will post more about this in the future but if you are feeling stressed or anxious today try this short video which will lead you through how to breathe well and take back control, it’s ideal for anyone feeling stressed or anxious and once you know how to do it you can use it as often as you need.