Why women struggle to get GP advice on menopause issues

Di Danzebrink appeared on Channel 5 news to discuss why so many women struggle to get the right advice and support from their GPs during menopause, as evidenced in the recent Mumsnet survey.

Di said later: “Yes, we need to educate women and men – and yes, we need employers to be more supportive – but it is absolutely vital that GPs have a good understanding of menopause and that they can recognise all the symptoms and discuss all management options as for the vast majority they are the gatekeepers of good quality care.

“Far too many women are visiting doctors multiple times or being forced to seek private care which could be avoided if GP education was improved, this causes needless distress for women and takes up valuable GP time.

“This is just common sense and its high time that the Royal College of GPs the NHS and the Dept of Health stepped up and took the simple steps to improve GP education”.

The interview can be seen below.