Our campaign features in today’s Daily Express

The Daily Express has published a double-page feature spread on the current HRT shortage situation and features a comment from Menopause Support founder, Diane Danzebrink.

The paper features the story on the front page with an appeal to Prime Minister Boris Johnson to end what it calls the “HRT shortage scandal”.

The inside feature quotes NHS manager Cheryl Young saying “Why is it a battle for every woman who needs HRT?”

Mother of 2 Cheryl, 44, says she has endured harrowing health problems now for eight months.

A  short version of the Express story can be seen on the company’s website here, but the main article is only featured in print editions of the paper.

Around 360,000 HRT prescriptions are issued each month, but the root cause of the UK shortage is unclear.

Patches and pills began to run low late last year.

Cheryl who lives in Kettering, had a hysterectomy in February to combat debilitating endometriosis pains and went into surgically-induced menopause.

But her gynaecologist gave no hint that she would struggle to get the HRT support she needed to recover.

For three months, Cheryl, of Kettering, Northants, picked up her Evorel Conti prescription at her chemist, but in May she was told there were no more combi patches available in her area.

HRT is vital for women who have surgically-induced menopause to replace the loss of oestrogen, which puts them at a increased risk of osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease.

The Express quotes Professor Martin Marshall, of the Royal College of GPs, as saying: “The reasons for these shortages are not clear and are likely multi-factorial, but they need to be sorted out as a matter of urgency. They are causing a great deal of uncertainty, inconvenience and distress for patients.”

Di’s comment appears with the main Express article