Diane joins Ruth and Eamonn to discuss HRT shortages

Di joined hosts Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford on the sofa of ITV’s This Morning to discuss the recent problem of HRT shortages. With her (third from left) is Emma Chittenden, a member of our private Facebook network, who gave some insights into the problems she has experienced since the drug shortage began last year.

The interview can be seen below.

A great piece of investigative journalism into the causes of the shortage can be seen here.

Journalist Emma Hartley has discovered that a few months before shortages started to bite in 2018, the UK government had pegged prices at a lower level – so low the pharmaceutical companies involved struggled to make a profit and preferred to sell them elsewhere. That explains why the UK seems to have been so badly affected.

Other potential causes of the problem – Brexit and supply chain issues in China – do not answer all the questions about a situation in which the UK has been much worse hit than Europe.

The article quotes Dr Anne Henderson, a Harley Street gynaecologist and menopause specialist: “The HRT shortages have had a devastating impact on my patients, some of whom have completely run out of medication resulting in adverse side-effects which are not straightforward to rectify. I’m concerned about the absolute lack of transparency from the Department of Health and Social Care and pharmaceutical companies involved.”

“There appears to have been an institutional failure to care about the HRT shortages”, she said, asking “who, if anyone, in the government takes responsibility for women’s health. I have repeatedly tried to contact the relevant team at the health ministry and the various drug companies but, with the exception of Novartis, I have not had any useful feedback. I think the current situation is quite disgraceful and that the millions of women involved have not been properly considered either by the DHSC or the drug companies.” Read the entire article.