A very positive day in Dunstable

The coverage in the “Dunstable Today” newspaper said it all.

“A menopause campaigner will be visiting Dunstable to lead an interactive session on a subject that is making news and changing opinions all over the country.

Diane Danzebrink, of Stewkley, launched the ‘#MakeMenopauseMatter’ campaign, which currently has over 27k signatures and has led to the setting up of a focus group in Parliament.

But as well as encouraging change at a national level, Diane is keen to help communities in Bedfordshire, and she, along with author Jane Lewis, will be running a session called Understanding Menopause on July 21 at The Grove Theatre.

Diane said: “After a traumatic, personal menopause experience at a comparatively young age following surgery, I encountered first-hand the problems menopausal women – and their families – experience, and at one stage actually contemplated taking my own life.

“Far from the ’jokey’ image of menopause popularly portrayed, life for a minority of sufferers can worsen dramatically, with crippling mental and physical symptoms.”

Diane is now celebrating a recent campaign victory, which has led to the government deciding to add the menopause to secondary school sex and relationship lessons in the UK.

But for those who were never lucky enough to have such a class at school, Diane and Jane’s session will be answering lots of questions, including what the menopause is, its symptoms, how to live a healthy lifestyle and management options.

They will also be covering the issue of menopause in the workplace and what colleagues should do to support you, as well as discussing its effect on relationships.

Diane is a menopause counsellor, while Jane is author of the book ‘Me and My Menopausal Vagina’.

Di commented after the session: “Such a positive day yesterday talking all things menopause to 40 women in Dunstable. Clearly, listening to some of the experiences of the women there is still so much work to do to ensure that all GPs are taught about menopause and all women have factual, up to date information before menopause comes along.

“The #MakeMenopauseMatter campaign will continue to push for that until it happens. To be part of the change please sign the petition.” she added.