MP Paula to help menopause move up the parliamentary agenda

Di has been in Westminster meeting MP and women’s health champion Paula Sherriff.(pictured left with Di (centre) and campaigner Katie Taylor.)

“I am very encouraged that Paula will help us to move menopause up the parliamentary agenda. When we discussed symptoms Paula had her own menopause light bulb moment!” Di said later.

Paula Sherriff has been Labour Member of Parliament for Dewsbury since gaining the seat from the Conservatives at the general election in May 2015, having been previously a councillor in Pontefract on Wakefield District Council.

In March 2016 it was officially acknowledged that the “Tampon Tax” would be abolished. Paula became the first backbench MP in Parliamentary history to have had an amendment to a Budget resolution successfully adopted.

Both the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Labour Party commended her work on the issue.