Not many empty chairs lately!

Diane has been around and about helping to make more people aware of menopause issues.

As well as appearances on radio and television she regularly travels to meet local women who need to know more on the subject. Here are a couple of typical recent examples:

“Last week I was in the fabulous city of Manchester presenting “Understanding Menopause-Your Questions Answered” to a group of 60 women who work for a law firm in the city. So encouraging to see more employers including menopause in their wellbeing agenda. Huge thanks to all the wonderful women that I met on the visit for making me so welcome, it was a real pleasure to spend a couple of hours with you.


“Setting up recently for another menopause presentation in the workplace. This time it was in Milton Keynes, so not too far from home. I have counselled and spoken to far too many women who have felt that they had no option but to leave their jobs due to a lack of the right information and support.

Every woman deserves to have factual, evidence based information upon which to make informed decisions. She needs to be able to sit down with a knowledgable GP or nurse to discuss her options and if in work needs to be able to turn to her employer for support.

We have so much work to do to ensure that for the future. Please help by signing the #makemenopausematter campaign petition, if you have not already done so.

We offer educational workshops designed for organisations, business owners and managers to equip them with the knowledge to confidently support staff that may be experiencing menopause symptoms. We offer a second workshop focusing on the wellbeing of female staff which concentrates on the symptoms of menopause and how to cope with them, followed by a question and answer session.

Workshops can be tailored to suit your business or organisation and can be full day, half day, two hour or one hour lunch and learn sessions. Find out more here.