One in ten consider suicide because of perimenopause – new study

Around one in ten women experience suicidal thoughts because of the perimenopause, according to a new study.

Research, exclusively shared with The Independent, found around nine in ten women going through the perimenopause experience mental health problems.

Perimenopause refers to the period leading up to the menopause – with hormones often fluctuating during this time and women starting the perimenopause at different ages.

The study, carried out by a free women’s health app called Heath & Her, discovered three quarters of women said they had never experienced mental health issues before going through the perimenopause.

Researchers, who polled 2,000 women in the UK aged between 46 and 60 who have experienced the perimenopause, found just over a third of women polled have not sought help with their symptoms, while eight out of 10 do not discuss mental health issues with their partner or spouse. You can read more at The Independent .

Our own Menopause Counsellor, Diane Danzebrink was quoted in The Independent as folllows:

“The dearth of information about the psychological and cognitive symptoms of menopause can lead to many women being unaware of what is causing their mental health issues.

“Unrecognised and unsupported these symptoms can have hidden costs on personal health, relationships, careers,” she added. “And tragically on the suicide statistics which regularly show us that the greatest risk for suicide amongst women is highest between the ages of 45-55, the time of perimenopause or menopause for the majority of women”.

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