Challenging menopause discussion on BBC Radio 5 live

Sparks flew in the BBC Radio 5 Live studio on Tuesday when menopause campaigners and senior medical professionals got together to talk about menopause.

The afternoon programme was being guest-edited by Meg Matthews, former wife of rock superstar Noel Gallagher and now a menopause campaigner following her own personal experiences of  the condition.

Menopause Support founder Diane Danzebrink and GP and menopause expert Dr. Louise Newson were also on hand to take questions from a phone-in audience.

The discussion became a little more heated when Professor Helen Stokes – Lampard,  Chair of the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP), the UK’s largest Medical Royal College, representing over 52,000 family doctors across the UK, joined the conversation. You can hear the discussion here (from around 45 minutes in).

“The medical profession’s getting a bit of a roasting” presenter Nihal commented during the show.

“I had written to the RCGP and had a pretty unhelpful response so I wanted to make Helen understand the real struggle many menopause sufferers have getting the right kind of treatment, and my experience of doctors who have insufficient training – and I think I got my points across. Her advice is that if you are unhappy with the treatment provided by your GP you should look elsewhere – this is not a practical proposition for so many women, and there were plenty of raised eyebrows in the studio as she said that.” Di said afterwards.

The whole discussion can be heard on the iplayer. Di joins the discussion around 28 minutes into the programme.

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