A brighter future for menopause

Things are definitely moving in the right direction, Menopause Support founder Diane Danzebrink has told the MegsMenopause blog.

MegsMenopause is run by Meg Mathews (pictured)

But there are three big changes we would like to see made in the near future (apart from the disappearance of Covid!).

“Things are certainly moving in the right direction compared to only 5 years ago when I began campaigning for better menopause education, care and support. We have already seen some improvements in education and the workplace and there is now a growing menopause community working hard to improve things further in education for health care professionals, support in the workplace and education for the general public.” Diane notes.

“There are three big changes that I would like to see happening:

1) A collaboration between the government and the NHS to prioritise menopause with a public health campaign and produce a menopause information leaflet and/or a video for all women to be sent to them around the time of their 40th birthday;

2) All the stakeholders who can improve professional menopause education come together to provide quality education for ALL healthcare professionals to ensure that they have an understanding of menopause. It is so important that all those working in healthcare understand menopause as the effects can be so wide ranging for some women ;

3) The end of women being forced to pay for private menopause care that many struggle to afford and others put on credit cards or take out loans for. Private care should be a choice not a necessity and it is a disgrace that women are being driven into debt to protect their health and well-being when that care should be available to them via the NHS.”

Education is the key, and with the right education, information and support women can make the right choices for them which can be very empowering and make this a positive transition, she added.

“To all women approaching menopause I would say, research research research! Do as much as you can to educate yourself before menopause comes along. ” Diane concluded.

Read the full text of Diane’s blog here.