“On a stormy sea surrounded by sharks”

‘When I embarked on my menopause journey, I may as well have been adrift in a popped dinghy, on a stormy sea surrounded by sharks, I had no hope, literally. I found myself thrown into the deep unknown with nowhere to turn for guidance and no one hearing me not even the professionals I saw. When I hit rock bottom, I, as many thousands of suffering menopausal women do, hit Google! It was then I was dragged from the hellish seas of hormones, my life saved when I came across The #MakeMenopauseMatter campaign’.

These are the words of Kate Duffy co founder with her daughters of duffysquips.com.

Kate has very kindly offered to donate £1 from every T-Shirt sale to the #MakeMenopauseMatter campaign. If you would like to support a fledgling business started by three generations of women in the same family, make a statement about menopause care and support the campaign please visit duffysquips.com #allIwantforchristmasismyHRT #makemenopausematter