Clear answers to help you talk to your GP about menopause

Recently Diane recorded a video with leading menopause and PMS expert Nick Panay.

For those of you who are not familiar with Nick, he leads the NHS menopause clinics at Chelsea and Westminster and Queen Charlotte’s Hospitals in London and his own clinic called Hormone Health. He is a former chair of the British Menopause Society, lectures widely on the subject and is involved with ongoing research on menopause.

“I spoke to him for over an hour asking him to clarify many of the common issues that come up in our support group everyday, particularly around barriers to treatment. We discussed the role of oestrogen in brain health, why testosterone should be offered to more women, why some women are intolerant to progesterone, HRT and Thyroid medication and why the management of the vaginal and urinary symptoms of menopause can and should be managed for life.

“I wanted to record this to get some clear answers on some of the issues but also for you to be able to share with your GP’s if they are reluctant to prescribe HRT for you or simply don’t feel well informed enough to do so.

“I really hope that it will help you to get the help and treatment that you deserve from your GP but will also help your GP to feel more informed and confident about menopause care too.”