Struggling with symptoms for 17 years

Recently I spoke with the lovely Karen Kenning, who I met when she reached out for support on social media. At the time I knew that she needed help to optimise her HRT, but I didn’t know that she had been struggling with symptoms for over 17 years since her hysterectomy.

I also had no idea that she had suffered with so many years of prolonged bleeding, a very long stay in hospital whilst pregnant or being told by medical professionals that she was being ridiculous when reporting bleeding after her hysterectomy.

I am so grateful to Karen for sharing her experience. It is so important for women to speak about their own experiences both to help others feel that they are not alone but also to show the real life human impact that the issues that campaigners like me continue to raise. You can see our chat here.


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The lovely Karen Kenning shared her experience of early menopause and her search for the right care.

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