February 8, 2019








Menopause counsellor and founder of Menopause Support Diane Danzebrink has written some handy resources including a menopause symptom checker, several guides to help you get the best out of your doctor’s appointment, and guidance for men who want to understand more about the menopause . For your convenience, they are presented here in both Word or PDF formats for easy downloading and printing.

Try our Menopause Symptom Checker

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If you think you may be suffering from symptoms of perimenopause, then try our simple symptom checker. Put a tick by any of the symptoms that apply to you, then print off and take with you to your doctor’s appointment.

The NICE guidelines on menopause state blood hormone tests alone are not indicated to diagnose menopause in a woman over 45 years of age, experiencing menopause symptoms.

Ten Things your Doctor should know about Menopause

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Women, their partners and their families cannot afford to keep waiting for GP education to improve; too many women are experiencing poor short and long term physical and mental health due to a woeful lack of professional knowledge. Having campaigned now for several years for better care and support for women it is clear that things are not changing quickly enough so we must take control and educate ourselves and encourage others to do the same. To that end I have compiled this guide.

Getting the most out of your doctor’s appointment 

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So you have decided that it’s time to visit your doctor to discuss the seemingly unrelated mixed bag of symptoms you have been trying to cope with. I hope this guide will help you when planning your visit to your doctor to discuss menopause.

Understanding Menopause for Men 

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I counsel women every day of every week who don’t understand what’s happening to them at menopause, so if women don’t understand what chance do the men in their lives have? I hope that this guide will help.

Menopause is the new Black

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Sadly, desperate women will go to desperate measures to relieve their menopause symptoms and as is so often the case this presents an ideal opportunity for those seeking to exploit the situation not for the health and well-being of those women but purely for financial gain.