November 26, 2015


Diane regularly appears on radio and television to discuss menopause and how women  need support. Recently she has appeared on the following programmes, plus many others.

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Discussion with Haitham Hamoda , Chair of the British Menopause Society

series of videos with Haitham Hamoda, who is current chair of the BMS, in recent conversation with Diane Danzebrink. It was a very long chat, so we have split out the subjects to make it easier for viewers to jump to what they most want to hear about. See the entire conversation here, and find out more about Mr Hamoda on the BMS website..

Advice from Menopause Expert Nick Panay

A long recent discussion with menopause expert  Nick Panay and Diane Danzebrink  can be seen here,  conveniently split into bite-size portions, covering (among other things) new treatments for menopause, symptoms of the condition, long-term health, latest breast cancer research around HRT, thyroid conditions, local oestrogen use, how long HRT should be used for, testosterone replacement, progesterone, the use of the Mirena Coil, fibroids and endometriosis. Scroll down to watch those of especial interest.

Dr Mandy Leonhardt on the importance of hormones

Recently Diane chatted to GP and Menopause Specialist Dr Mandy Leonhardt about the importance of hormones. “Mandy was fabulous, she had prepared some slides to explain her points for our chat and I highly recommend that you give this a watch if you want to understand more about hormones, health and menopause. I have asked her to come back next year to talk more as there are so many questions to ask her.” Di said later.

Men’s Health with Dr Anand Patel

Diane chatted online with Dr Anand Patel, a GP with a special interest in men’s physical, mental and sexual health. Anand is a fellow of the European Committee of Sexual Medicine and teaches trainee doctors about sexual function.

Recently Diane recorded a video with leading menopause and PMS expert Nick Panay. Among items discussed was how oestrogen impacts brain function, meaning that menopause for some, not all, can seriously affect cognitive function.

In this vlog Diane answers some more frequently asked questions from members of her private Facebook group The Menopause Support Network.

Your Questions answered:


A recent vlog for members of Diane’s private members group on Facebook.

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