April 13, 2022

Testosterone Availability

In 2021 Menopause Support teamed up with Dr Zoe Hodson to see if we could collectively improve access to Testosterone for women via the NHS.

The possible prescribing of Testosterone to women via the NHS is still a postcode lottery, but we are making encouraging headway. Each area of the country has a CCG prescribing formulary, and if you search on the Clinical Commissioning Group CCG formulary for your area and then search ‘testosterone’ then click on it and see who is ‘allowed’ to have testosterone it will tell you about the situation in your area.

If there is no sign of Testosterone being considered an appropriate treatment for women in your area, please contact the CCG and ask why, using the template letter that you can find here.

Once you have received a reply, please drop us an email hello@menopausesupport.co.uk so that we can update the information below.

Dr Hodson deserves much of the credit for this project as she has done all the emailing to CCGs etc, we have simply helped by preparing and sharing the information. Thanks to all the doctors, nurses, pharmacists and women on social media who got involved in this project by contacting their own CCG’s. As they say teamwork makes the dream work. All hail the team.

Below you will find the latest update and an explanation of the NHS traffic light system. We will continue to update this as more information is received.

Area Classification
Bedfordshire (Luton & Milton Keynes) Amber (changed 2021)
Berkshire Green
Brighton & Hove Green
*Bristol, North Somerset, South Gloucestershire Amber (changed 2022) See addtional notes below
Buckinghamshire Amber
Cambridgeshire Amber
Cornwall Amber
Cumbria Green (changed 2021)
Derbyshire Green
Dorset Green
Durham Amber (changed 2021)
East Sussex Green
Greater Manchester & Stockport Amber
Harrogate & Yorkshire Green (changed 2021)
Hereford & Worcester Amber (changed 2021)
Hampshire Amber (changed 2021)
Leicestershire Amber
London Mainly Amber
Merseyside Amber
Norfolk Amber
Northumberland Green
Nottinghamshire Amber
Oxfordshire Amber
Sheffield Amber (changed 2021)
Surrey Amber
Somerset Green (changed 2021)
Wiltshire & Avon Amber (changed 2021)
Warwickshire Amber (changed 2021)
West Midlands Amber (changed 2021)


Area Classification
Betsi Cadwaladr Red
Powys Green
Swansea Amber


Area Classification
Fife Amber



Tostran® 2% gel and Testogel® 40.5mg/5g gel sachets

TLS Amber 3 months – See Shared Care Protocol

Restricted to use for treatment of low libido causing distress in women with optimised HRT and with either early menopause (age 45 and under) or surgical menopause only.

Use of testosterone gel for women outside of this indication is non-formulary.)


NHS Traffic Light System

The “traffic light” system defines where responsibility for prescribing between primary and specialist clinicians should lie through categorising individual drugs as red, amber, or green.

Red Considered suitable for a consultant or specialist, usually within a secondary or tertiary care services, to initiate and continue prescribing.

Amber Medicines that are appropriate for shared care – responsibility for prescribing may be transferred from the specialist team to primary care with the agreement of an individual GP.

Green Regarded as suitable for primary care prescribing

Black/Grey Not recommended for use except in exceptional circumstances.

Updated 10/5/22