February 2, 2022

Nick Panay

 series of videos with Consultant Gynaecologist Nick Panay, in recent conversation with Diane Danzebrink. We have split out the subjects to make it easier for viewers toNavigate. See the entire conversation here, and find out more about Mr Panay here.




Menopause and Covid

Nick Panay explains why some women have experienced a return of menopause symptoms following covid vaccinations and how some have experienced changes to their menstrual cycle.

Menopause after a cancer diagnosis

Diane talks to Nick about the potential management and treatment options for menopause following a cancer diagnosis

Premature and surgical menopause.

Diane and Nick discuss premature menopause and menopause that may follow surgery.

Diane talks to Nick about Progesterone

Are there any other benefits, apart from protecting the womb?

Menopause and Anxiety

Diane talks to Nick about one of the most frequently reported menopause symptoms, anxiety.