January 24, 2022

Haitham Hamoda, chair of the BMS, in conversation with Diane Danzebrink

A  series of videos with Haitham Hamoda, who is current chair of the BMS, in recent conversation with Diane Danzebrink.

It was a very long chat, so we have split out the subjects to make it easier for viewers to jump to what they most want to hear about.

Find out more about Mr Hamoda on the BMS website..

Talking about the BMS – what the society does:

Training – does every health care professional have a basic understanding of menopause? Over 40 per cent we spoke to said not.

Hormones – The role of hormones and what’s the effect of them depleting?

HRT – Talking Benefits and Risks

Genitourinary symptoms – What are the symptoms and treatments?

Progesterone – What are the options?

Information Resources – where can we find factually based evidence information?