February 1, 2021

Template letters

Planning on writing to your MP about HRT shortages and the proposed single fee for HRT?

Many of you have said that you would love to write to your MP or Ministers in Westminster about the HRT shortages and the proposed single fee for HRT, now not being introduced until April 2023. #MakeMenopauseMatter campaign supporter, the lovely Fiona Clark has kindly written a template letter to get you started. We have made this available as a word document so that it can be altered to suit you.

You can find the address details of Sajid Javid and Maria Caulfield, ministers at the Department of Health on the DHSC website and you can find details of your local MP and where to send correspondence online. You might like to see our letter to Maria – find it here.

The more of us that write the better so thank you for raising your voice.

Have your say about ongoing HRT shortages

Having encouraged you all to write to your MPs, the Dept of Health and to Maria Caulfield about the ongoing HRT shortages and the recent announcement that the single fee for HRT will not now be in place until 2023 I thought it might be helpful for me to share my letter to Maria, posted yesterday.

Some of you have asked if you could send my letter along with a covering letter from yourself to your own MPs so here it is, you can download and print the pdf here.

The Great Testosterone Postcode Lottery – Template Letter for your CCG

Menopause Support has teamed up with Dr Zoe Hodson to see if we can collectively improve access to Testosterone for women via the NHS.

The possible prescribing of Testosterone to women via the NHS is currently a complete postcode lottery. Each area of the country has a CCG prescribing formulary and if you search on the CCG formulary for your area and then search ‘testosterone’ then click on it and see who is ‘allowed’ to have their hormones replaced it will probably paint a rather dismal picture. If there is no sign of Testosterone being considered an appropriate treatment for women in your area please contact the CCG and ask why using the template below.

Once you have received a reply please message Dr Zoe Hodson @manchestermenopausehive on Instagram to let her know the result of your enquiry.

Thank you.

Download as a Word file so you can amend it with your own details before sending to your local CCG Prescribing Group.

Denied local oestrogen? A letter for your GP that could help.

As far too many women are being denied local oestrogen alongside their systemic HRT or to use in isolation. We have put a letter together that you can amend for your GP should you be refused local oestrogen.

We – Di Danzebrink Jane Lewis, and one of her private group moderators, Nadine, really hope that you will find this resource helpful, please do let us know.

Download as a Word file so you can amend it with your own details before sending to your GP.