May 14, 2020


“For the first time in a couple of years I actually feel that it’s about quality of life and thanks to Diane, I now know how to start to improve mine.”

“Diane has been a tower of strength to me. She has given me so much help and support.”

“Diane, thank you for all your help, life has recommenced!”

“A real life raft in the sea of hormonal change”

“Again I thank you for your support. Keep up the magic you do” Sharon

“This service has been so important to me recently. Excellent clear and compassionate support at a time when my doctors had NO idea what to do. The last few months have been utterly demoralising and this was the only place I have felt heard and cared for! ”

‘This is the first time I have found someone to talk to properly about Menopause who actually knows exactly what she is talking about based on both education and experience, thank you SO much. Your work is inspirational and needs to be everywhere – literally”

“Diane is amazingly supportive, informative and generous with her time and knowledge. In a world where sound HRT and menopause knowledge is lacking she is a blessing. She is a great listener, getting her head around your personal circumstance with ease. She is easy to talk to, friendly, open and caring and I personally have been so grateful to have found her at a time when I was in desperate need of good advice, answers and guidance. I’d highly recommend getting in touch with her if you find yourself, like too many women do, in a difficult position and looking for some much needed answers.”