Does your partner have no idea what’s going on?

This week, as every week, I have counselled women who have told me that their menopause symptoms are having a detrimental effect on their relationships with their partners because their partners have absolutely no idea what’s going on or how to support them.

This is so sad at a time when the support of those we love is so important. None of us have ever been taught anything about menopause, it is not something that has been discussed openly in the past and that leads to a lack of knowledge and understanding which can result in relationship breakdown.

I am delighted to say that from September this year menopause will be added to the new RSE curriculum in secondary education in England thanks to everybody who has supported the #makemenopausematter campaign. You can find a guide that I have written for partners here

Some people say that they struggle to get their partners to read anything about menopause. As some of you know I record a podcast with my lovely friend and fellow surgical menopause sister Sophie and if you go back to episodes 5 and 6, they are all about relationships.

In episode 6 we talk to our partners about their experiences of supporting us through menopause so I thought it might be useful for some of you to listen to or share with your own partners.

Also there is a new episode just uploaded about anxiety.

This and all of our resources are free to download, share and print. I hope they help.