Why menopause matters in the therapy room

Last September I was delighted to be asked to give the closing keynote speech at the British Assoc for Counselling & Psychotherapy annual conference and then to write this article for their magazine.

One of the most common peri menopause symptoms is anxiety which some women will seek therapy for, there are lots of excellent techniques that can be taught to control anxiety but if the underlying cause is hormonal changes it needs to be recognised in the therapy room so that it can be discussed and the client can be signposted.

In common with other health care professionals, most therapists get little or no training in menopause (I am working on changing that) I have worked with therapists who have cut down on or stopped work due to their own undiagnosed symptoms and with women who have been in therapy for considerable time with little improvement when their underlying problem was hormonal fluctuation.

Clearly there can be other things going on, lives are complex but it is vital that all therapists have an awareness of menopause as a possible cause for both psychological and cognitive symptoms.

If you would like to read the article in full it is available online.