Talking about menopause with wellness expert Liz Earle

To celebrate World Menopause Day, Menopause Support founder Di Danzebrink joined wellbeing entrepreneur Liz Earle MBE in a podcast to share her experience of life-threatening depression and anxiety during the menopause, and what she’s doing to change menopause care as a result.

The 30-minute Podcast can be heard on Liz’s own website.

In the podcast:

Di shares her menopause journey and explains why she was initially reluctant to take HRT
Why HRT is recommended after a hysterectomy?
How can menopause affect mood?
Di shares what menopausal low mood felt like, and describes the chain of events that led her to seek treatment.

She shares the difference HRT has made to her mood, and discusses how quickly HRT can improve menopausal low mood.

Di outlines the objectives of her #MakeMenopauseMatter campaign, specifically:

How much menopause training do GPs receive?
How does poor menopause care affect the public sector?
How much does inadequate menopause care cost the NHS?
Why is menopause education so important?

Liz Earle is known for her passion for beauty, natural health and wellbeing, as well as her charity and campaign work. She is a best-selling author, TV presenter, entrepreneur, and organic and pasture-fed farmer. Having started her TV career on ITV’s This Morning in 1989, she is currently back on screen as a regular contributor to ITV’s flagship daytime show, sharing her trusted advice on health and beauty matters in her Inside-Out Beauty series.