Facebook declined to face us on BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire

Facebook did not defend their decision to ban our advert for an upcoming workshop on Menopause in Tetbury in October when the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire invited them to appear on her morning news and current affairs show.

Instead a former company employee was left to defend the platform. Di Danzebrink was there to take part in the show, and spoke forcefully about her anger that Facebook arbitrarily banned the ad because it contained the word “libido”.  Followers of the Menopause Support’s Facebook page posted some angry responses and the story has been widely shared.

The programme and Di’s interview can be seen here.

DI said earlier: “It would seem menopause really is the last taboo for Facebook, and I’m disgusted by their response to what is an important subject, educating women old and young about the menopause and what it can mean to their lives. This is a subject that affects every woman at some stage in their lives, and I feel this arbitrary “ban” is totally unjustified.”

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