Rachael weighs in on HRT shortages as Parliament resumes

MP Rachael Maclean was on her feet just hours after Parliament reconvened following the decision of the UK Supreme Court that it was unlawfully prorogued and was asking the government questions about HRT supplies.

Redditch MP Rachael, a great supporter of the campaign, asked Michael Gove QC for the government to give assurances about supplies of medicines – particularly HRT – after Brexit.

Mr. Gove agreed there had been certain problems around the supply of medicines  in certain areas and occasional interruptions in supply which could be completely independent of Brexit.

The government was doing it all it could, he added to ensure supply of medicines, including extra supplies in some cases, so they would be available as before after we leave the EU.


Video of Rachael’s question and the government response can be seen here.

The British Menopause Society has issued an updated statement detailing the current position on supply of various HRT drugs.