NEW Podcast out now!

Menopause GP specialist Dr Louise Newson talks with Diane Danzebrink, both very passionate campaigners on the subject of improving menopause education for women, in the latest edition of her regular podcast.

The two experts discuss the current HRT shortages and media reports following the recent HRT and breast cancer scare and give women the real facts, talking about their grave concerns that women are going to be denied HRT by their doctors for the wrong reasons and how women need to be given the right information to challenge this.

Diane Danzebrink’s Three Top Tips:

1. Don’t panic!

2. Don’t believe the headlines – go find factual evidence-based advice.

3. Take someone with you to your doctor’s appointment if you’re feeling nervous, and before you visit, look at the Menopause Doctor website for information, visit the Menopause Support website and download the ‘Ten things your GP should know about the menopause‘.

Listen to the Podcast here