Every Little Helps – Tesco kick off menopause awareness in the workplace.

This week I was with the team at Tesco kicking off their menopause awareness in the workplace project.

I am delighted that such a big employer of women has recognised that menopause needs to understood and supported.

Much of the credit for that should go to Julie Bird. Julie contacted me some time ago when she was struggling with her own symptoms and asked me to help her set up a support group for her colleagues. I was delighted to be invited to go and speak with the group last year to answer their menopause questions.

Julie’s work was brought to the attention of the team at head office and yesterdays launch was the result. There will be lots more to come but it is very encouraging for the future.

Lovely to meet Dr Bella Smith and to see Michelle Heaton and Meg Matthews again, all sharing experiences and information which allowed another 200 people to go away more informed yesterday. Result! #makemenopausematter