What a week!

What a week! On Monday our grassroots community celebrated hitting 200,000 signatures on the #makemenopausematter campaign petition.

Tomorrow my book Making Menopause Matter will be published.

I am very grateful to everyone who has signed and continues to share the campaign. I am equally grateful to all those who have contributed to and reviewed the book.

I have written the book for everyone, it is both a guide to navigating the menopause landscape, an explanation of why menopause should matter to us all, and what needs to happen to make sure that everyone has the right help at the right time.

Threaded throughout the book is some of what led me to found Menopause Support and the campaign and the experiences of others too.

Tomorrow I will go live on my instagram page @dianedanzebrink, around lunchtime, to talk more about the book and share more about the story behind it.