Honoured beyond my wildest dreams to be asked!

Menopause Support founder Diane Danzebrink writes:

This week I was honoured to be invited to deliver the keynote speech at an International Symposium focused on the menopause experience, hosted by the Health and Global Policy Institute in Japan.

Back in 2012, at crisis point with my mental health, as the result of surgical menopause without the right information and support, I could not have dreamt that this might be part of my future.

It is vital that we work together as a global community to ensure that we #makemenopausematter for everybody, everywhere.

Heres’ what the HGPI say about the event:

“In recent years, while various policies on women’s health have been promoted in Japan, social understanding and policies on the health issues of middle-aged and older women, especially regarding menopausal symptoms, are still insufficient. There are also issues in the medical care delivery system, such as the fact that doctors find it difficult to diagnose menopause, and the lack of policy support such as reimbursement for medical services makes lengthy medical interviews a barrier from a managerial perspective. There are also issues in the healthcare delivery system.

“Menopausal symptoms are a particularly severe challenge for working women, as not only do these unique symptoms significantly reduce quality of life, but it is said that one out of eight Japanese women, or 460,000 women in three years, are forced to give up working. Those who do not leave face stigma and a lack of understanding, making it difficult to talk about their challenges in the workplace. Others fear negative repercussions such as demotions and lower evaluations due to their inability to report their health problems. The promotion of women’s activities since the Abe administration should be inextricably linked to the promotion of general health, yet women’s health has often been neglected. Further social recognition and support measures are needed.

“Based on the above, in FY2023, Health and Global Policy Institute (HGPI) heard the voices (including issues and needs) of working women during menopause. After surveying domestic and international policies and advanced cases in the corporate and occupational health fields, HGPI will hold an advisory board meeting consisting of experts from industry, government, academia, and the private sector, to discuss the medical care delivery system regarding menopausal symptoms. The committee discussed solutions based on the medical care delivery system and issues within companies related to women’s menopausal symptoms.

“The following public forum will be held to disseminate information to the public, foster opinion, and stimulate discussion based on these activities, with the aim of further promoting measures for menopause. Ms. Diane Danzebrink (CEO, Menopause Support) from the U.K. will be invited as the keynote speaker, and a panel discussion will follow, comprised of experts from Japan and abroad to engage in discussion based on international comparisons and deepen the debate focusing on the medical care delivery system and support measures in occupational health and companies”.

You can read more here.