Upcoming – a menopause labour of love

Menopause Support founder Diane Danzebrink’s first book, Making Menopause Matter, will be published in May, after much hard work and many late nights.

The book is aimed at not just those going through menopause, but also those who support them.

“I am excited, and still a little bit amazed, to share the cover for my forthcoming book with you.” Diane said this week.

“This has been a real labour of love and the product of many, many weekends and late nights. (Advice for other aspiring authors; writing a book while working full time is a bonkers thing to do!).

“I have wanted to write a guide to menopause and navigating the menopause landscape for a long time, and it was important that it should be written, not just for those experiencing menopause themselves, but for those aiming to support someone else too.” she added.

The book will be published by Sheldon Press on the 9th of May and is available for pre order now from your local bookshop or online.

You can find out more about the book and order in paperback or ebook form here.