Fabulous and Frustrating – the first day of our out and about days in Norwich.

Today has been fabulous and frustrating in equal measure….

The fabulous. I spent the day at The Forum in Norwich, sharing menopause information and answering questions with the lovely people there. Gave out lots of booklets and posters. One lovely man came especially to get information about how he can better support his partner.

The frustrating.

  • Spoke with a woman in her twenties clearly in premature menopause but getting no help from her GP, she has been told several times that she is too young.
  • Spoke to several post menopausal women who feel angry and upset they did not receive the right information about menopause at the right time.
  • Spoke to women who needed to see a menopausal specialist but had no idea that an NHS menopause clinic existed and no offer of referral from GPs.

Thanks to the lovely people of Norwich for coming along to chat and to Pippa Lain-Smith for supporting and keeping us supplied with tea and biscuits!  Some local coverage of the first event is here and here.
There are two more Norwich events planned for February and March – see details here.