Virtual reality headsets help widen the conversation around menopause

Recent menopause workshiops have used virtual reality headsets to help open up the conversation around the subject, MS founder Diane Danzebrink told BBC Three Counties Radio.

She was talking about a series of workshops conducted by the organisation Wellbeing of Women in October, which featured the sci-fi looking headsets.

Diane told presenter Kady Braine attendees at the workshops were able to use the headsets to view a short film which gave a very personalised experience of menopause before a reflective discussion which many people felt “opened up the conversation wider”.

“Seeing something on a virtual reality headset is a very personal experience and it has a very direct impact on people.” she added.

Diane said that not just women, but a number of men had attended the workshops and the feedback had been really positive.

The menopause campaign in the workplace had come a long way in the past few years, particularly with bigger employers.

But the aim of the campaign was to ensure that everyone whatever size company they worked for had support.

You can hear the interview below


Wellbeing of Women organised the series of workshops in October aimed at assisting small and medium-sized organizations in understanding menopause and its impact on individuals in the workplace.

The Menopause Xplored initiative, funded through a collaboration with the Department of Health and Social Care, NHS England, and the UK Health Security Agency, seeks to guide employers in providing appropriate support.

Janet Lindsay, CEO of Wellbeing of Women, highlighted the challenges many women face with menopause symptoms at work, leading to reduced hours, missed promotions, or leaving jobs altogether.

The Menopause Xplored initiative aims to help organizations retain staff, enhance workplace culture, and support the well-being and professional growth of women.