Diane and Andrea chat with Orcas

Diane Danzebrink founder of the Make Menopause Matter campaign and Menopause Support, with Our Office Manager Andrea Swan, talk about how they’ve gone from chats round Andrea’s kitchen table to lobbying Parliament and educating future generations in a chat with India Fisher, who runs the Be More Orca podcast which specialises in menopause.

You can hear the conversation here.

Why Be More Orca., you may ask?  India explained: “Female Orcas go through the Menopause when they’re about 40-50 years old.

“They go on to live another 40 or 50 years and become the Leaders of their communities or Pods. Their Matriarchal society realises the value of their knowledge and experience, and chooses to follow them especially in hard times. They are vital to the survival of the whole Pod. 

We need to Be More Orca in our approach and attitude to the Menopause. It isn’t something to be feared. The symptoms shouldn’t just be chalked up to “oh well I’m getting old”. We shouldn’t be made to feel past our prime and relegated to the scrap heap. ”