A Beautiful Calendar for 2021

I am absolutely thrilled to share the Menopause Support CIC and PMDDandMe CIC 2021 calendar.

A few weeks ago, the lovely Alice Girling, co founder of PMDDandMe got in touch to ask if I would like us to produce a calendar together to bust some common menopause and PMDD myths whilst raising some funds for our community interest projects.

Not only was it her idea, but she has done amazing work in putting the project together so quickly. The images that she has chosen are beautiful and I am sure the myths and facts will resonate with many of you and hopefully educate your family and friends too. To see more or place an order please click below.)

Huge thanks to Alice for all her work on this project.

On any given day 800 million people are menstruating across the world. It is estimated that 10% of these people have Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD), a severe hormone-based mood disorder, with up to 90% living without a diagnosis. Meanwhile, 1 in 4 people are experiencing debilitating menopause symptoms and two-thirds feel unsupported. Globally, 10% of people who menstruate do not have access to suitable sanitary wear during their periods and can miss up to 20% of their schooling due to period poverty.

PMDD & Me CIC and Menopause Support CIC are two not-for-profit organisations working to change this. Their programmes aim to raise awareness, improve education, and empower advocacy in reproductive health. All profits from the sale of this calendar will be split equally across these organisations and go directly into reproductive health projects.

Order your calendar here.